Gimnasio La Montaña

Gimnasio La Montaña is a private school in Bogotá, Colombia, which has consistently been rank in the top ten best schools of the country according to the ICFES test results and is widely recognized for the quality of the education if offers its students. Between 2008 and 2015, I served as Director of Educational Technology. Since then, I have been the Director of Innovation and Development.

Ministerio de Educación Nacional

The Ministry of National Education's is the Executive Office that oversees education in Colombia. It's mission is to guarantee the right to education with criteria of equity, quality and efficiency that educates responsible citizens capable of constructive a happy, equitable society that is competely solidary and proud of itself. Between 2005 and 2007 I worked in different positions. My last position was Use and Appropriation of New Technologies Cordinator in the Media and Technology in Education Program. I designing and coordinating strategies to foster classroom use of media and computer technologies to improve teaching and learning in k-12 education.

Colegio San Carlos

From the year 2000, until 2002 I was group director and English teacher in the seventh grade. I taught 20-24 hours of class every week, and as group director was in charge of counseling groups of 30-35, communicating with their parents, and mediating in their relations with other teachers and students. I used computer technology to facilitate daily tasks such as record and grade-keeping and also explored some of the educational implications of using the Internet. I guided my 13-year-old students in the use of information technology, and developed a website that concentrated materials relevant for the course.

The Concord Consortium

"The Concord Consortium is a nonprofit educational research and development organization based in Concord, Massachusetts. We create interactive materials that exploit the power of information technologies. Our primary goal in all our work is digital equity — improving learning opportunities for all students." (Concord Consortium website)

ABC English Institute

ABC English Insitute is committed to teaching English as a foreign language in Bogotá, Colombia. The Institute offers general English classes, exam preparation courses, and consultancies for schools and other educational institutions. ABC's clients are professionals and university students who need to learn English to advance in their careers, and educational institutions seeking training for their teachers in both pedagogy and English language skills.

Fundación Dividendo por Colombia

As an independent consultant, I was part of a two-man team that prepared a grant proposal for an initiative of the "Secretaría Distrital de Educación" called "Nivelación para la Excelencia", a project that has been recognized by international organizations such as PREAL (Partnership for Education Revitalization in the Americas)as a model in helping raise the academic level of schools with the lowest test results in the city . We were awarded the grant and prepared two more proposals for grants from international foundations for projects related to basic literacy and bringing over-age students up to level.

Siglo del Hombre Editores

As a freelance editor, I worked under a senior in-house editor in the preparation of books for different collections. My work included proofreading authors' final drafts and suggeting stylistic changes, revising the graphic designer's work, and correcting publishing drafts. I worked independently from home and communicated with the team mostly via telephone and e-mail. My worked entailed responsability for meeting demanding deadlines with no supervision.

Centro Cultural Colombo Americano

With two locations in Bogotá and eight affiliate institutions throughout Colombia, the Colombo is a cultural foundation and research institute affirming intercultural exchange and understanding. We hope to help every visitor engage in experiences which invite them to reflect on their own culture and to explore the world without.

Work Samples

You will find links to the work I am currnetly doing at Gimnasio La Montaña and a few samples of my previous work: A presentation at Ministry of Education, some of the work I did as a teacher in the early naughts, and samples of things I worked on while studying at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. For a broader sense of my thinking, visit my blogs by clicking on "Vitacora" and "Edgeek" in the top navigation bar, which, I am sorry to say, don't get updated too frequently.

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